Intentional Placebuilding

CRAFT DnA integrates ideas with impact. It represents the ʻdoʻ counterpoint to the ʻthinkʻ of my ideas.   After years of consulting, it felt like it was time to start delivering built projects that prove better development is possible.  The name CRAFT DnA was carefully chosen as the sequel to UrbanGreen.  It demonstrates the belief that every concept, every program, every sitescape and every outcome should be carefully crafted to fit its context. DnA is a wordplay on Development and Advisory, while also communicating that great design is intrinsic to great places.  

CRAFT DnA works in two ways:

Development. Real estate development via special purpose entities in partnership with aligned investors who are seeking financial return and positive community impact.

Advisory.  Development and Design services for legacy families, communities and other developers seeking to create transformative projects with existing assets

Legacy. UrbanGreen provided two decades of leadership in sustainable design for communities and organizations. These values live on in CRAFT DnA

CRAFT DnAʻs RiverHouse Cottage Court won five national awards. 

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“We couldnʻt have loved this project more.

,—Daniel Gehman, 2022 golden nugget juror  | Principal, Danelian Architects



4,500 square foot adaptive use of former retail bank located in 1960’s strip center.  Full renovation and rebuild with all new systems and envelope to house boutique coworking brand CraftWork. CRAFT Development also formed the operating entity, to provide hi performance workspace and a club atmosphere in lifestyle communities. | VISIT CRAFTWORK


Residential infill cottage court that created 12 new, single family detached residential units on an existing single family lot of 1.2 acres.   Project approved using as-of-right zoning and CEQA exemption to demonstrate higher density infill can still be compatible with community fabric. | VISIT RIVERHOUSE

The Little House

CRAFT Development’s first project – renovation of a 1,300 sf 1875 single wall house and 300 sf detached studio into contemporary cottage.  Still owned by CRAFT Development.

Library Cottages

The Library Cottages

1,400 sf single family home with two 625 sf ADU’s on an 8,500 SF downtown Healdsburg lot.  Purchased from bank out of foreclosure, construction included full house lift, new foundation/ basement, creating loft out of interior attic. Featured as case study in Dan Parolek’s Missing Middle Housing.

Maurice’s Cottage

Renovation of a 1940’s  980 SF single family ranch house into a farmhouse cottage. Historic research resulted in successful lot split to create two value add transactions.  Extensive renovation including complete floor plan rework, all new systems and creative reuse of many remnant salvaged materials. Final sale price per set all time record for Healdsburg.

Project X

Mixed-use redevelopment of fallow 23,000 sf former gas station.  Project includes 4,000 sf of retail/ food & beverage, six townhomes with outdoor spaces and two penthouse units with roof decks, and 3 affordable rentals.

As our development advisor in 2010, Jim devised very unique approach to re-positioning. Fast forward 10 years, it has become a huge success.

Henry Warshaw, CEO | Virtual Real Estate 

Advisory Services

Grover Beach

City of Grover Beach as sub-consultant to MIG
Grover Beach, CA

Development expertise and review of code revisions meant to increase infill development of affordable housing, and unleash more entrepreneurial infill projects along this beachside town’s Grand Avenue.


Healdsburg, CA

Working for the owner MDL, CRAFT Development is providing strategic advice on consultant team organization, scope of work, capital structure and long term value creation strategy.


Virtual Real Estate
Bend, OR

Following the crash of 2008, CRAFT Development was retained by the mezzanine lender to create an updated vision for the broken project and provide strategies and expertise through the workout, resulting in a highly successful repositioning and value creation.

CRAFT is a work-in-progress. Starting with bootstrap capital (think a pyramid of no interest credit cards) I renovated my first home.  Tough lessons provided the chutzpah to tackle increasingly complex and larger projects.  Their success attracted the interest of aligned community investors.  These partners helped me tackle more transformative projects that are helping prove what might be possible, if conventional wisdom is viewed unconventionally.

RiverHouse Cottage Court, 2021
Healdsburg, CA